I’m a therapist for individuals and couples with a desire to heal. Heal the impacts of trauma. Mental health. Conflict. Ancestral healing. We all have the capacity to heal and feel alive again. No matter what we’ve been through. No matter how many diagnoses we may have.

I’m grateful to have you here.


Intuitive healing is a combination of intuition, psychic gifts and spirituality. Intuitive healing can help resolve trauma from past lives, ancestral trauma in your lineage or blocks in your physical body.

Intuitive Healing

Imagery healing dives deep into your higher self to pull out the root of an issue. Often the root is ancestral or past life trauma impacting you now. This is the realm for those interested in alternative healing. 

Quantum Imagery Healing

Couples Therapy

Struggling to feel understood by your partner? Feeling disconnected from one another? Couples therapy can help you feel the love again in your relationship. 

Individual sessions are tailored to your therapeutic goals. We work as partners in your healing. I’m experienced at supporting anyone over the age of 13.

Individual Therapy

Services Offered

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Kind Words

“I worked with Parm over the last year, and it has been a truly enriching and healing experience. Parm’s ability to dive deep into the heart space alongside you, and be a safe guide for you to journey into your own heart space, has been a truly healing experience.

After being on my own healing journey for a few years now, the support and space that Parm provided has been such an incredible thing. Healing is a lifelong investment that will return for a very long time; I am grateful to have worked with and continue to work with Parm. The tools, space and her presence has been an incredibly healing experience. 

She has also motivated me to be more honest with myself, my being and my own heart. The counselling services have been equally as incredible. After going through a period of years which required me to reach someone who would provide a safe space and effective therapy, I have benefited greatly from her counselling skills as well. Highly recommend Parm and her services.”


“Farah Jamal is such an incredible force for healing on this earth. I met her at a time where I really needed some additional guidance and support, and her ability to ground me, communicate the bigger picture and help me see the purpose of life more clearly was an absolute game changer. I've been seeing Farah since 2017. Five years later, she's still such a force for good in my life, and in the lives of so many people (she's also so accurate in everything she says and does - has honestly never missed the mark with me).

She's also just a wonderful person at baseline, her energy as a person is so calming and comforting - always wanting to support and help people become the best versions of themselves.”


“After a mental illness diagnosis and feeling lost and hopeless about what to do next and how to manage going forward, I was lucky enough to meet Parm. She is not only experienced in the world of psychology and mental health, but she is extremely compassionate and full of empathy. She always has a way of making me feel heard and validated which has restored my sense of normalcy. 

Parm has never failed to create an uplifting and often humorous environment within our sessions. I am grateful for her professionalism and dedication and can say with confidence that Parm has not only taught me many useful skills, but she has thoroughly changed my life.”


“Parm and I were matched up together by fate about a year ago now. It couldn’t have been a better representation of “what’s meant for you, will find you.” I have been working with counsellors since I was 7, and now, finally, I’m 21 and feel like my healing journey has the safest space to begin. Parm is incredibly smart, empathetic and insightful. She has this wonderfully soft way of guiding you to your conclusion and supplying you with so many different realms of knowledge. If you love learning and feel empowered by healing women, Parm will be an excellent addition to your journey.

Parm has helped me understand that therapy doesn’t have to involve trauma dumping. Being open about my experiences can be helpful but isn’t necessary when it comes to her approach to healing. She listens deeply and asks thoughtful questions, helping me to gain new perspectives and insights into my thoughts and feelings."



"While working with Parm I have noticed she puts a lot of thought into how she can tailor our sessions to my experience. This is a unique experience that I have only found with Parm, as previous counsellors would focus on a single technique to work on without introducing other possible methods or solutions. 

Working with Parm has been transformative for me. I have gained a greater understanding of myself, my relationships and my patterns of behavior. I feel better equipped to navigate life's challenges with resilience and self-compassion. I would recommend Parm to someone who is seeking a friendly support towards personal introspection and healing.”

Continued from previous


“I have been seeing Parm for over a year and since then she has helped me tackle my anxiety and overcome obstacles with her therapy and guidance. I have struggled with anxiety my whole life and have seen different counsellors throughout the years, but Parm has been the only one that I have truly connected with and actually stuck with. 

I have felt a significant shift in my mindset with the tools and resources she has provided me and I truly can't say enough good things about the therapy I have received from Parm. I highly recommend her to all my friends and family who are seeking treatment and would encourage anyone struggling with anxiety to work with her. Her counselling style is soothing, calm and effective and feels like you are talking to a friend”


“Parm is an extraordinary blend of empathy, active listening and compassion. With every session she creates a safe and nurturing space where I feel truly heard and understood. Her ability to empathize with my experiences and provide genuine support has been life changing. I am constantly amazed by her capacity to offer insightful guidance and unwavering compassion. Through her remarkable skills she has helped me navigate challenges, heal old wounds and grow into a stronger version of myself.”


"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write a testimonial for Parm, the incredible counsellor who has been by my side for the past two years. Parm has been an absolute blessing in my life, providing unwavering support and guidance during some of the most challenging periods I have faced. Her ability to deliver culturally sensitive counselling, particularly as a South Asian woman myself, has made all the difference in my therapeutic journey.

From the moment I first met Parm, I knew I had found someone who truly understood and appreciated the nuances of my background and experiences. Her deep respect for my cultural identity created a safe and inclusive space where I felt comfortable expressing my thoughts and emotions. Parm skillfully navigated the intersectionality of my identity, acknowledging the unique challenges I faced as a South Asian woman in various aspects of my life.



"Throughout our time together, Parm has been a pillar of support as I made significant transitions in my life. From navigating the complexities of university life to the demanding journey of law school, she has been there every step of the way. Parm's insightful guidance helped me begin processing trauma, develop coping strategies, manage stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance. She tailored her approach to suit my individual needs, ensuring that her counsel was effective and relevant to my specific circumstances.

I wholeheartedly recommend Parm to anyone in need of a compassionate, culturally sensitive counsellor. Her ability to establish a deep connection, coupled with her professional expertise, creates an environment where healing and growth can flourish. Parm's commitment to helping her clients achieve their goals is evident in her tireless efforts and unwavering dedication."



"To Parm, I am eternally grateful for the profound impact you have had on my life. Your guidance, understanding, and unwavering support have been invaluable. I cannot thank you enough for helping me navigate the complexities of my journey and empowering me to become the best version of myself."

Continued from previous.


“I am so thankful for all the guidance and support I received from Parm. I had a difficult period in my life and it would have been so much worse without having her to talk to. After a few months of regular visits, I am doing so much better in my day-to-day life. I often think about our conversations and Parm's input and am still using ideas and coping strategies taught by her. I wish I went to her sooner!” 


“I have been seeing Parm and have been experiencing wonderful success. She is warm and kind and very compassionate. I am so grateful for her guidance and wisdom.”


“Parm is the best counsellor I’ve ever worked with. The level of compassion and understanding she provides each session to help me navigate life with new diagnoses as an adult with Autism and ADHD have been life changing.

I truly cannot think of what my life would be like without her. She just gets it. And her years of experience and professionalism has helped me not just with mental health, but with navigating life, and letters and forms. She has truly been a blessing.”


Parm Nizher Therapy recognises I am a settler. My life and work take place on the unceded land of the q̓ic̓əy̓ (Katzie), q̓ʷɑ:n̓ƛ̓ən̓ (Kwantlen), Máthxwi (Matsqui) and Se’mya’me (Semiahmoo) First Nations. It is my heart’s prayer that there come a time where we live in true reconciliation with all Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island.